Saturday, December 6, 2014

A message to the one's that love me most.

The one thing that I miss saying quite often is how much i love my parents!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So it's been a long time

I've been crazy and I somehow forgot about this... I assure new posts coming up soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An update

What do i start with?
I really hate to come up with words after a long gap, same for the notebook thing i had started. Life is just too unpredictable to be stable i say.
I've been into music more recently, with the exams coming up I really stress up a lot.
Earning from the internet is crazy! trust me search google and you'll see so many sites, some pay some don't.
I've been researching a bit though its a time taking process unless you're investing a bit.
Relations, friends, girls, girls these four words are really really very harmful.

For once, I need to be on myself, wake up in the morning see the sun shine and not be worried about my girl doubting me on my contacts with others.

I have been doing pretty weird stuff lately, never have i helped two lovers but yes It is a great feeling when they thank you, call you God sent, a feeling no girl can give.

To add another, dreams are polluting my mind these days, dreams of me with the girl I'd never be with, dreams that are so realistic I wake up with shock, yes its weird.
I'll get more soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What This Is All About :

As the title says, this blog is all about me, my daily experiences, lessons, and all that shti.
Yea but sometimes it is overall interesting, very much.
I used to write in this diary, but situations got so bad, i could not do that any more.

If you don't know about me,
Born in India, Pune the city.
To a couple that has a inspirational story.
My grandfather's father, super rich what you can call, the "Maharajas" .
Money like air all around them, property insane, ah too much to say, and when it
came to my dad, all gone.
And so he worked hard and hard, from being a rickshaw driver(a cheap job) and getting
in a big accident , fracturing a leg, he still walks a little not normal.
Oh my mother played a vital role too, in controlling the royal addictions of my dad,
alcohol, cigarettes.
And Hard work payed, there came money, not as the forefathers had but good enough
for a respectful life in India.
Finally i was here! Was i late? no perfect, the business dad started was flourishing.

Okay!, enough of the start!
Here i am, sitting, eating. Any dreams? Yes. I love music.
Production, Rap, Mix, anything that comes along with it.
Currently doing my "BCA" so i can live with some job if i fail.
I love to do things in my own way. Which does not mean no inspiration from anyone,
if that would be so, i would not be shaving everyday, and all that bll sthi !

Oite! I think that's enough for an introduction, I will be posting in here, all that
happens with me, well most of it.
Al Yoz